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October, 2015

3D GRAFFITI is a room-scale collaborative 3D design/art tool that enables to generate virtual artifacts in one-to-one scale. Imagine architects making sketches of the real-scale furnitures while having a conversation with peers. What would it be like for graffiti artists to move out of walls and use 3D space as a new canvas?

We created a 5m x 5m x 2m virtual 3D canvas in physical environment using motion capture cameras. We valued openness and face-to-face interaction of physical environment - rather than isolating each user with a VR headset, we chose a tablet device as the lens to see virtual environment. The drawings of each user are synchronized through local network allowing them to access a single collaborative canvas.

We also focused on making the interaction realistic by replicating “squeeze” interactivity of a spray can so that the users can dynamically adjust the paint strokes. It creates the sound of spray at button press for auditory feedback. We worked closely with graffiti artists to gain insights about real-world techniques to be able to achieve the aesthetics they imagine. Held a live performance at Tokyo Design Week 2015 with Jun Inoue and Hogalee.

This work was built at a Tokyo-based design innovation firm IMG SRC incExhibited at Tokyo Design Week 2015 and Media Ambition Tokyo 2016. Received Design Award Asia - Design of the Day.


3D GRAFFITIは実空間とVR空間を行き来し、実スケールでVR空間上にグラフィックを描けるデジタルツールです。実物を見たり描いたりするのと同じようなインタラクションをVR空間で可能にします。


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